Moves The Mets Need To Make Now


The Mets are playing as poorly as Met fans expected they’d play.  There were no high expectations this season.  This was to be a rebuilding year for the young Mets.  But as we watch this team, we see no exuberance coming from this team.  Instead of watching the young and the restless, we are watching the young and the listless.  Met fans are prepared for a long season, but they are now left wondering whether the bright future is, in fact, near.  Many of their future stars have regressed rather than progressed.  With that said, it’s time for the Mets to make some moves.

  • Fire Dave Hudgens – He has done nothing to help the young hitters improve.  One look at Ike Davis swing a bat, and you have to wonder if Hudgens even knows what a major league hitter is supposed to look like.  Davis has so many hitches and so much movement in his swing, it’s unbearable to watch.  And Davis isn’t the only hitter who has regressed this season.  Ruben Tejada and Kirk Nieuwenhuis have struggled mightily, with the latter being banished to AAA the way he and Duda were shipped out last season.  It’s Hudgens who should be banished.
  • Fire Dan Warthen – I’ve always been a supporter of Warthen, but outside of Harvey, the pitching staff has been atrocious.  He’s losing this staff, thus losing the confidence of the fans.  It’s time to make a change here.
  • Demote Ike Davis – Bring up Josh Satin and let’s see what he can offer.  I know the popular move is to move Lucas Duda to first, but we may as see what we have in Satin.  He’s hitting .303 at AAA with 6HR and 24RBI. His OBP is an impressive .425.
  • Demote Tejada – It should be Wilmer Flores time in Queens.  With any other team, Tejada is a backup shortstop at best.  He has turned into a pop up machine.  Flores has been down on the farm long enough.  Now is the time to see what kind of game he’s got.
  • Promote Wheeler – Promoting him now will not stunt his growth.  Turn him loose, move Jeremy Hefner to the bullpen and get rid of LaTroy Hawkins.

The culture of the Mets must change.  It’s time that they hold players and coaches accountable for their actions…or lack thereof.  Would a Steinbrenner owned team settle for mediocrity, or in the Mets case…just plain awfulness?  Take a page out of the Yankees playbook Mr. Alderson and change the culture of this team by making the bold moves mentioned above!


2 Responses

  1. Bro, you are off the mark on a few points. Flores cannot file SS at the major league level, so he cannot replace Tejada. Also, Hawkins has been one of thbe beter bullpen arms. Gee has been a disaster…Wheeler can replace him.

  2. If you are tired of watching “the young and the listless”, might I suggest that you stop watching them?

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