About the Authors

Jonathan C. Mitchell – I love everything about baseball and it’s the only sport without an offseason in my opinion, and I love that about it. I love numbers, predictions, analysis, and prospects. I have been a guest on ESPN Radio and have had posts featured on ESPN, Fangraphs, and The Platoon Advantage. You can follow me on twitter @FigureFilbert and also find me writing at DraysBay, FieldRush, and State-Lines. Feel free to email me with any questions at figurefilbert@gmail.com

Michael Schwartze – Baseball has been my passion my entire life. I love everything baseball. Whether it is playing it, watching it, reading or writing about it; I can never get enough. I love sabermetrics and projections but prospects are by far my favorite to read and write about. I have a blog and I also write for a local Seattle website covering all things Mariners. I am pursuing my dreams of one day working in baseball and I am learning every step of the way. Make sure you follow me on twitter for all kinds of baseball news and talk @Mike_Schwartze Feel free to Email me at michaelschwartze.mlb@gmail.com if you have any questions, requests or anything along those lines.

Charlie Nehl – Software Engineer by day, and self described baseball lover by day and night. I love talking about all aspects of the game from Minor League young guns to fantasy leagues. I love players for their makeup outside of the game, more over their God-given talents such as Josh Hamilton and Derrek Lee. It would be a goal of mine to be paid to write about baseball. You can keep tabs of me on twitter @documof and also find me at my site documof.com Email me with any questions at documof@gmail.com

William J. Tasker – After a long run developing a start up software company’s customer service department, William J. Tasker now has a start up of his own and has begun a publishing company in northern Maine. An author of nine non-baseball books (hopes to change that soon), Tasker is a former University of Maine system “Writer of the Year.” Tasker has been writing about baseball since 2003 fulfilling a lifelong passion for the game. Tasker has two children, a wonderful wife and loves golf, gardening and sitting by a pool reading a good book. You can check out his daily work at The Flagrant Fan and follow him on twitter @FlagrantFan

Andrew Martin – I am an avid follower of baseball, especially the Red Sox. I hold Bachelors and Masters degrees in History and am interested in baseball history and preserving its oral history. You can check out more of my work at The Baseball Historian and Bleacher Report and follow me on twitter @HistorianAndrew. Andrew can also be reached by email historianandrew@gmail.com

Dave England – I am an aging hipster with a penchant for indie films, fiction literature, and music. I worship at the church of baseball. I am a Texas Rangers contributor at Aerys MLB and Aerys Sports and occasionally Baseball Past and Present including Inner circle Hall of Fame project. I now see the backside of 6AM rather than the front. I drink oceans of coffee to come up and vineyards of red wine to come down. I drape myself like wallpaper with the daily box scores. I pull my trousers up high, have a closet full of jerseys of past heroes of baseball and wear hush puppies. I have the best double play partner a man could ask for and an awesome little boy. You can follow me on twitter @Juniusworth and email me at HouseofEngland@gmail.com

Daniel Marino – I’m an avid baseball and football fan. I’ve been a Mets fan my whole life! I’ve played baseball for most of my adult life. I am a former PBA (professional bowler) member just because I wanted to say I was a professional athlete in some way.  I am currently employed in the bowling industry. I’ve played fantasy baseball and football for more than twenty years and have won multiple championships!

David Kerr – David Kerr is married and has three children under the age of five. His favorite baseball team is the Pittsburgh Pirates even though he constantly criticizes decisions made by upper management. He has a passion for Fantasy Baseball and wants to provide advice to anyone that asks. His journey started by giving advice and opinion on Twitter (@AskRotoBaseball) and has since expanded to his own personal blog and writing for our site and Dynasty Empire. He is a strong advocate for Rotisserie style Fantasy Baseball and loves OBP leagues. His favorite places to visit are New York City, Miami Beach, and the state of Minnesota. In the summer, he spends two months coaching 3-5 year olds in T-Ball. He plans on working full time as a Fantasy Baseball writer/adviser/consultant in the very near future!

Brendan Gawlowski – As a lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, I have been a Mariners fan from the time I first saw baseball on TV. After a childhood of idolizing the likes of Rob Ducey, Andy Sheets, Raul Ibanez (before he became good), and especially Charles Gipson, it was perhaps no surprise that my baseball career ran out of gas as the worst outfielder in tiny little Whitworth University’s modest baseball history. I started blogging about baseball soon after that, and am now finishing up school at the University of Washington. You can follow meon Twitter at @GawlowskiB.


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