Texas Rangers Offseason Eight Ball

The Rangers are probably seeking a catcher or two, an outfielder and adding pitching both starters and bullpen help.

Guaranteed Contracts

Ian Kinsler, 2B: $75M throught 2017
Adrian Beltre, 3B: $51M through 2015
Yu Darvish, SP: $50.5M through 2017
Derek Holland, SP: $24.3M through 2016
Michael Young, UT: $16M through 2013
Elvis Andrus, SS: $11.3M through 2014
Nelson Cruz, OF: $10.5M through 2013
Leonys Martin, OF: $8.75 through 2015
Colby Lewis, SP: $2M through 2013

Arbitration Eligible Players [estimated salaries] Continue reading


The Sounds Of Silence

Infographic by Craig Robinson, on twitter as @Flipflopflying

All the context you need to know is that culture is highly correlated to the pulse of the baseball environment. Baseball is but a Summer poem and the beauty of the game, the LYRICAL aspect interlaces itself into the lives of fathers and sons, and daughters and America.

It goes all the way back to the beginning, baseball has been part of Amrica’s popular culture as early as the 1850’s, celebrated in art, story and song. The Beastie Boy’s have since their beginning have also had a close relationship to popular culture, been on top of it and pretty quickly put their mark on it. Continue reading

Jurickson Profar, To Be or Not To Be Called Up

So it appears the Texas Rangers are considering calling up Jurickson Profar as an option to be the team’s utility infielder, as early as next Monday when the team comes back from this road trip. He is the Rangers’ best prospect, and the top position prospect in all of baseball. He can play second base and shortstop, he’s only 19 years old, but is talented enough to more than adequately fill the role of utility infielder. Relieving Andrus and Kinsler once a week. Rangers’ general manager Jon Daniels had previously alluded to a September call-up being a possibility for Profar, but an August call-up would be a whole new ballgame. What would the bench time do to his development? What about his service time? Relevant questions, but both trumped by the quest to build the best possible roster. Continue reading

Texas Rangers: Smells Like Teen Spirit

Baseball has a very unique farm and minor league system. Every MLB team, has a Triple-A team, Double-A team, High-A team, Low-A team, Short Season team, and several Rookie teams. That’s at least seven minor league teams each one of them loaded with players trying to make their dreams come true of playing in the major leagues one day. A few of those will make it, most won’t. Some are truly considered prospects, while some are just organization players filling a roster spot, who are still incredible baseball players but will probably never sniff the majors. 

What’s discussed a lot with a prospect is his ceiling. That ceiling then becomes a foregone conclusion in the mind, but when it comes to prospects reaching their ceilings, there is no such thing as a foregone conclusion. Still, the illusion of the ceiling for a prospect can be too intoxicating to withstand.

The Rangers have a packed minor league system with young and extremely talented ballplayers to dream on. In both the U.S. amateur draft and the international market, Texas has targeted high ceiling players that are toolsheds filled with raw tools, but are still in their teens and several years away from becoming big leaguers. The Rangers are looking to these teenagers hopefully to shape the future of the franchise. They are all still very young, very raw, and have a long way to go, but they are exactly the kinds of players that the Rangers are wanting to patiently groom. Continue reading