30 Players, 30 Teams, 30 Predictions


With the 2013 Major League Baseball season imminent, I wanted to give thirty predictions involving one player from each team. These predictions are from a Fantasy Baseball point of view. I will revisit these predictions after the season is over and see how close I came or how far off I was with each one.

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2013 MLBDirt Mock Draft Results


On January 27, 2013, I had the pleasure of hosting and taking part in the first annual MLBDirt.com Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft. First things first, I want to thank Jonathan Mitchell, William Tasker, Daniel Marino, Charlie Nehl, Mike Schwartze, Wayne Bretsky, Ray Guilfoyle, Mike Hilbig, Mark Kaplan, Jeff Furtah, and Alex Kantecki for taking part in the draft. We had a mix of MLBDirt.com writers and six well respected Fantasy Baseball writers. All of these men are recommended follows on Twitter and I will give you their contact information at the end of the article. One thing that makes Fantasy Baseball fun is the different opinions you can get. These guys all have great insight and baseball knowledge.

Without any further adieu, here is the 2013 MLBDirt Mock Draft Results. Please feel free to comment and engage in discussion!

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2012 All-Fantasy Overachievers Team


This is the final installment of the 2012 All-Fantasy Team series. This past season there were plenty of players that overachieved. Some players had career years, some had resurrected seasons, and others just came out of nowhere to help put fantasy teams over the top. This column will pick out the best “overachiever” at each position. Continue reading

2012 All-Fantasy Bust Team


This is part two of a three part series that reviews the 2012 Fantasy Baseball season. In the first installment, I gave my “All-Fantasy” team. This round will be my “Bust” squad followed by the “Over-achievers” in the last installment. I’ll rundown each position and add Honorable Mentions or in the case of this column, (Dis)honorable Mentions! Continue reading

2012 All-Fantasy Team


This is part one of three in a 2012 season’s end report on fantasy baseball. The first installment will be the top overall producers at each position, the second installment will be the bust’s at each position, and the third installment will be the overachiever’s that more than likely put a lot of fantasy teams over the top. I will choose a C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3 OF’s, a SP, and a RP to fill out the team. I hope you enjoy it! Continue reading

Fantasy Baseball: September Studs

With a little over six weeks to go in the 2012 Major League Baseball season, I want to take a look at five players that you can count on to be strong down the stretch. If you’re near the top, but haven’t made it to the top of the mountain, these guys will help you get over the hump. If you need to sustain your spot at the top, look no further. You’re almost to the final lap, it’s time to set your roster up for that final push. These five guys are what I’d like to call “September Studs.” Continue reading

Fantasy Elite: Andrew McCutchen or Mike Trout

When the 2012 Major League Baseball season began, the usual names came up in predicting the MVP’s of the American and National Leagues. Braun, Kemp, Pujols, Cabrera. Fast forward four months and there are two names on top that practically no one predicted. Andrew McCutchen and Mike Trout. Both players, you could say, have single-handedly turned their respective teams around this year. They’re both putting up absolutely gaudy numbers and there is no real sign of either slowing down. So, from a fantasy perspective, who is more valuable, this year and into the future? To find that out, let’s take a look at each player. Continue reading