What the Kris Bryant Draft Means for The Cubs


Thursday, at the Major League Baseball draft, the Chicago Cubs made a surprising move by not drafting the power arm of Jonathan Gray from Oklahoma after the Houston Astros chose Mark Appel from Stanford with their first overall pick. It was assumed by many that they would pick whomever the Astros would not take. They instead chose Kris Bryant from San Diego with their second pick.

I like them taking Bryant once Appel was off the board. While Gray is a great power arm that hits 100 mph with his fastball, Bryant has huge power and out homered a majority of the other Division I colleges by himself as he hit 31 home runs in only 228 ABs that will have an immediate impact in the middle of the lineup when his time is to be in Chicago.

It’s no secret the Cubs need some better arms in the organization. They’ve made some pretty picks in the last two years with Pierce Johnson and Duane Underwood last year and Dillon Maples in 2011. If you take out Maples couple of real bad starts, both he and Johnson have been pitching well. Underwood will be pitching for the short season Boise Hawks later this summer. It should be known that after the Bryant pick they did pick up pitchers with 19 of their draft picks this year. I haven’t had a lot of time to delve into those picks yet to see if there were any good arms in those picks, though it is worth noting a lot of these kids are college pitchers rather than kids being drafted out of high school. I like this move too.

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A Book Review: Who’s on First?


“Who’s on first. What’s on second. I Don’t Know’s on third.” This classic comedy routine by Golden Age comedians, Abbott and Costello has been illustrated by artist John Martz in a book. This sketch is well known and loved by baseball fans alike and I make no exception for myself. What got me excited about this book was reading it to my five year old son, who’s just starting to take an interest in learning more about baseball. We play catch and hit balls fairly often and he’s really taking a shine to doing that. Continue reading

Callup Spotlight: Adrian Cardenas

Yes, Anthony Rizzo is raking at Iowa right now and Brett Jackson is the OF of the Cubs very near future, but Adrian Cardenas needs to be called up now and replace either Ian Stewart or Blake DeWitt on the active roster, and get a lions share of the time as a three-bagger.

Stewart is picking up where he left off last season with a triple slash line of .188/.258/.318. This is compared to .333/.376/.544 of Cardenas at AAA Iowa right now. Cardenas been playing mostly second base but has also seen action at shortstop and third base. Continue reading

2012 Chicago Cubs Outlook: Infield

In our third installment, we’ll take a look at what options the Cubs have an the infield while they work to build their 25 man roster.

Key Departures

Aramis Ramirez: The longest tenured third baseman since Ron Santo has left Chicago and now plays for the rival Brewers. It’s going to take a lot to replace his production in the lineup, but I really think it’s time for Ramirez to move on. He’s not a clubhouse and team leader. With a younger team taking the field, veteran leaders are going to be more important than ever.

Carlos Pena: In a typical Scott Boras move, Pena signed a one year deal with the Cubs last season in hopes to boost this worth for a long term contract. It didn’t work out with him batting .225 but hitting a team leading 28 home runs. Between Pena and Ramirez that’s 54 HRs and over 170 RBIs gone from the previous season. We might see an increase in Starlin Castro‘s throwing errors without Pena scooping everything he can reach. He’s back on the Rays. Continue reading

2012 Chicago Cubs Outlook: Bullpen

In my second installment of looking towards the Cubs 2012 season, we’re going to examine the options the Cubs have in to fill out their bullpen roster.

Key Departures

Sean Marshall: Marshall is one of the best left handed relievers in the game at this current moment. I think very highly of Sean Marshall both in terms of a player and human being. As much as I hated to see him go, Epstein and Co. made the 100% correct decision and sell Marshall high.

John Grabow: Not a very good last couple of injury laden seasons for the lefty. Marshall replaced him the last two seasons as the go to lefty, and when given a chance didn’t pitch effectively. Recently signed an MiLB deal with the Dodgers.

Angel Guzman: Not quite a key departure so to speak, but the one time “end all be all pitcher” for the Cubs has finally left the organization. He had major shoulder surgery 2010 that  was deemed career threatening, and was working his way back up the minor league chain. He recently signed a minor league deal with the Dodgers.


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2012 Chicago Cubs Outlook: Starting Pitching

In my first installment of seven where I’m going to look at the outlook of the Cubs 2012 season. I’ll examine the options the Cubs have for their starting rotation

Key Departures

Carlos Zambrano: Good riddance. He was a cancer on the team and major distraction. Anything they would get in return for him, Chris Volstad in this case, makes me view this as a positive deal for the Cubs.

Andrew Cashner: I’ve been vocal about liking this kid, and I still like the kid a lot, but when you can single-handily flip him into Anthony Rizzo you have to take that opportunity. I like Cashner pitching in San Diego.

Realistic Rotation Options

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An Open Letter to Epstein/Hoyer & Co.

Writers note: This is for nonsensical entertainment purposes only. After getting past my personal bias towards these two players, I wholeheartedly agree with both of these moves. Merry Christmas!

Dear Epstein/Hoyer & Co:

Your team has already traded D.J. LeMahieu and it appears that Sean Marshall is also on his way out, to a division rival no less! These two gentlemen happen to be my two favorite players in the organization, with Marshall being my current favorite among all the players in the Majors.

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve chosen Alfonso Soriano and Carlos Zambrano as my new favorite players within the organization.

Your move Sirs!