Scouting Carson Kelly

Some prospects are going to have sexy 30 present/70 future grades on them, Carson Kelly is not one of those prospects.

When watching Kelly, what sticks out is that he lacks a weakness. He is not projectable like his brother, but rather a rare “safe” high school pick. Continue reading


Like Prospect Sleepers? I Have A Good One For You

Tracy Proffitt | Urastar Images

Watching Johnson City, the guys that first jump out are big names Carson Kelly and Victor De Leon (Write-ups on each coming later on!), but the guy who stands out due to his physical stature alone is Ronard Castillo.

The first thing that one notices when looking at Castillo is his height, standing at 6’5 and 200 lbs, Castillo is a big fellow. One would certainly expect someone with that body type to be a power hitting fiend, but that person could not be more wrong. In his professional career, Castillo has a total of two home runs.

A high leg-kick and long swing generate a good amount of raw power, but 5 o’clock power ain’t no friend o’ mine. Two in-game home runs is what it is, and I wondered why he had not been able to hit for power in games yet. Continue reading

Matt Barnes Scouting Report

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On Sunday August 26th I watched Matt Barnes pitch for the Salem Red Sox (Boston) against the Carolina Mudcats (Cleveland).

I warn that although this will not be glowing, that I am simply scouting what I saw on Sunday. I do understand that late-season fatigue may have played into some of the issues I noticed. Again- I have to report on what I saw, not what I read on the internet. Continue reading