What the Kris Bryant Draft Means for The Cubs


Thursday, at the Major League Baseball draft, the Chicago Cubs made a surprising move by not drafting the power arm of Jonathan Gray from Oklahoma after the Houston Astros chose Mark Appel from Stanford with their first overall pick. It was assumed by many that they would pick whomever the Astros would not take. They instead chose Kris Bryant from San Diego with their second pick.

I like them taking Bryant once Appel was off the board. While Gray is a great power arm that hits 100 mph with his fastball, Bryant has huge power and out homered a majority of the other Division I colleges by himself as he hit 31 home runs in only 228 ABs that will have an immediate impact in the middle of the lineup when his time is to be in Chicago.

It’s no secret the Cubs need some better arms in the organization. They’ve made some pretty picks in the last two years with Pierce Johnson and Duane Underwood last year and Dillon Maples in 2011. If you take out Maples couple of real bad starts, both he and Johnson have been pitching well. Underwood will be pitching for the short season Boise Hawks later this summer. It should be known that after the Bryant pick they did pick up pitchers with 19 of their draft picks this year. I haven’t had a lot of time to delve into those picks yet to see if there were any good arms in those picks, though it is worth noting a lot of these kids are college pitchers rather than kids being drafted out of high school. I like this move too.

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2012 MLB Mock Draft: Final Edition

The MLB Draft is Monday and we are only a few days away. This is our final mock draft and we went all out for this one. Jonathan and I alternated picks as usual, me starting off with the Astros. Our other three mock drafts have been only the first round but this one we decided to do the supplemental too. Once we got going, we decided we’d keep going and do the second round too. Each pick has a report and our reasoning. I can’t wait till Monday comes and we see teams surprise everyone, going against all the mock drafts. Enjoy.
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2012 MLB Mock Draft: May Edition

The draft is under two weeks away and with that, we are really starting to get an idea of where players may be going and an idea of which players teams are interested in. This is our third mock draft and you can view the other two here. Look forward to a few more mocks as the draft approaches, including a mock of the supplemental round. Enjoy.

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Rising Draft Stock: Albert Almora

The draft is getting closer and closer and with that, some guys’ stock is rising while others’ are dropping. One guy who has seen his stock rise is prep outfielder, Albert Almora. Heading into the season, he was viewed as a lock to be in the first round in addition to being one of the top prep outfielders available in the draft. Over the last few weeks though, he’s been creeping higher and higher up mock draft boards.

Early in the draft discussion season, Almora ranked as the 14th best prospect by Baseball America in their early top 100 draft prospects list. In many mock drafts he was going anywhere from the twenties to the late teens. In our first mock draft for MLB Dirt he came in at pick number 19 to the Cardinals. That mock draft came out in March and that’s about where he was going in other mock drafts as well.
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2012 MLB Mock Draft: April Edition

The draft is getting closer and closer and its time for the second edition of our MLB Mock draft. We rolled out our first one in mid-March but a lot has changed since then. Players have seen their stocks rise while some have seen theirs really fall. Jonathan Mitchell and I have switched back and fourth taking picks and I kicked things off with the first pick. Enjoy.
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2012 MLB Mock Draft: March Edition

College baseball is in full swing and high school baseball is getting underway. With that, it is time to start to looking towards that June draft more and more. Jonathan Mitchell and I have decided that we will be doing several mock drafts leading up to the draft and we would like to introduce the first of our MLB Draft mock drafts. It is still so early and so much could happen between now and the draft but we can still guess at where guys might go at this point. Jonathan and I alternated taking picks, providing some commentary on each pick as well. Here is the first addition of the MLB Dirt 2012 Mock Draft.

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