Baseball History Notes for June 10, 2013


The big news of the week in baseball was an ESPN Outside the Lines report that Major League Baseball is seeking to suspend 20 or more current players for their involvement with the now defunct Biogenesis of America clinic. Tony Bosch, the company’s founder, agreed to provide MLB with documents to help their cases. Players including Ryan Braun, Alex Rodriguez and Melky Cabrera are all reported to be those in the crosshairs, with more details of the whole mess still to come.

The report indicated that suspensions could be as long as 100 games if MLB gets its way. However, want and reality could be two completely different things. The MLB Player’s Union immediately issued a statement declaring their intent to vigorously defend the players in the investigation, and will use their considerable power to minimize any punitive damage. It’s a situation that is highly unlikely to be determined quickly, but will probably play out in courtrooms and boardrooms for an indeterminable amount of time.

Regardless of the length of possible suspensions, the damage has already been done to the reputations of the players involved in the scandal. No matter how much you believe or don’t believe steroids and PEDs are cheating, the amount of lying and general scumbaggery (I made this word up specifically for this situation) on the part of these players has completely impugned their character. No matter how far they can hit a ball or fast they can throw a pitch, their greatest attribute as players and human beings has been irrevocably shattered. Continue reading

Advertisements’s Baseball Notes for April 29, 2013


The length of a baseball team’s disabled list can have such a strong impact on the outcome of their season. Injuries not only deprive teams of talented players, but alter the chemistry that was so carefully constructed during the offseason and spring training.

The ability of backup players, minor league prospects and the length of time needed for the injured to come back healthy can all determine whether or not a season will be derailed. Just a month into the 2013 season, a number of major league teams have felt the pinch of losing players to the DL. The scrambling has already begun for some to overcome a fractured roster. Continue reading

AL East Players To Watch


Dan Marino is trekking through each division in the major leagues and giving you one player he thinks is the: Rookie to Watch, Breakthrough Player, The Party’s Over, Non-Roster Invitee Most Likely to Stick, and Just Not Seeing it.

In part one of six he brings you the American League East:

Continue reading

Who Exactly Has The Last Laugh?


I’ll make this one short and sweet:  Steroid and PED users are disgraced.  It appears that most, if not all, of the users will never be inducted into the Hall of Fame.  So, how much was it worth to those players?  Was it worth throwing your reputations away?  What is your integrity worth?  Well now, let’s see: Continue reading

Baseball Notes for December 10, 2012


If you happen to follow many baseball writers on Twitter, chances are your timeline was blowing up this past week. With MLB’s winter meetings taking place in Nashville, Tennessee, there was a lot of activity, as more free agents were taken off the market. Heck, there was even some trading going on. It was all part of the dance as we get closer and closer to the start of spring training.

***Perhaps the most shocking move to come out of the winter meetings was the Red Sox giving a three-year, $39 million deal to outfielder Shane Victorino. The Red Sox have publicly declared their new distaste in  giving out large contracts of lengths exceeding more than three or four years. Apparently they are content with grossly overpaying players on shorter-term deals. Continue reading

Who Are These Guys?


Okay, who are you guys and what have you done with the real New York Yankees?  This isn’t the Yankees that we know and love….or hate in many circles.  Typically at this time of the year, the Yankees have thrown millions of dollars at players, and they usually get their man.  This year, despite perhaps more needs than in past years, the Yankees have been sitting on the sidelines watching potential Yankees going elsewhere.  Not only that, but they are letting their own leave as well.  With A-Rod on the shelf, Jeff Keppinger, or resigning Eric Chavez would have been the most logical moves.  Yet, both players have signed elsewhere.  So, what’s going on in the Bronx? Continue reading

Yankee Fans Ire is Misdirected

Okay, the facts are the facts:  Alex Rodriguez stats are declining.  He is aging, and has trouble turning on  a 95 MPH fastball.  He flirted in the middle of a playoff game and he makes more money per season than all of the fans at Yankee Stadium combined.  He comes off as trying to be a saint, when we all know that is not true.  He has admitted to using performance enhancers.  Take all of these facts, add in to the mix yet another poor post season, and you have disgruntled Yankee fans. Continue reading