Which Fantasy Players to Trade Away…And to Trade For


Draft Them Then Trade Them – These players start out quickly, then slow down during the season.  These are the players to “sell high”. Continue reading


2012 All-Fantasy Bust Team


This is part two of a three part series that reviews the 2012 Fantasy Baseball season. In the first installment, I gave my “All-Fantasy” team. This round will be my “Bust” squad followed by the “Over-achievers” in the last installment. I’ll rundown each position and add Honorable Mentions or in the case of this column, (Dis)honorable Mentions! Continue reading

2012 – The Year of the Laboratory?

There are a surprising number of experiments going on in Major League Baseball for this coming season. Players are trying out new positions, relief pitchers are trying to be starting pitchers. Heck, even the Yankees are trying to be cost conscious. Strange things are happening in a training camp near you. With all that is happening, you will need a scorecard to track all the goings on. We at MLB Dirt are happy to help. What follows are the experiments happening all over baseball plus this writer’s take on whether the lab results will be positive or negative. Here we go. Got your pencil handy?

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The Angels’ 2012 Rotation

The Los Angeles Angels left the winter meetings with a splash. They signed possibly the best free agent starting pitcher on the market in C.J. Wilson and some guy named Albert Pujols who I hear is pretty good. They spent roughly $331.50MM between the two players that day. Jonathan Mitchell discussed the Albert Pujols deal the other day. But just what does the C.J. Wilson signing mean and how is the Angels’ 2012 rotation looking?

The Angels’ rotation in 2011 was fourth in the majors in WAR with 17.8. They had an ERA of 3.59, an FIP of 3.78, and were third in the league in innings pitched with 1043.0. They were very solid and adding C.J. Wilson makes the rotation even better. Not to mention division rivalTexaswill not have Wilson anymore either. Let’s take a look at who the Angels 2012 rotation will feature.
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Locking Up Moore is Huge for Him and the Rays

The Tampa Bay Rays have agreed to terms with top prospect Matt Moore on a guaranteed $14M over five years and the entire deal could be for $40M over eight years if all three options are picked up and Moore meets all the escalator clauses in the contract.

What does this deal mean for Matt Moore?

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The New-Look Marlins

The Marlins have really been turning heads this offseason. There have been some big changes in the organization and things may be turning around in South Florida. This offseason, the Marlins have made some huge changes in its appearance, management, and offseason strategy.

First off, the Marlins will now be known as the Miami Marlins, not the Florida Marlins. They have also changed their logo to the one pictured above which also means new uniforms (which I am not the biggest fan off.) The Marlins will be opening the 2012 season in a brand new stadium. We won’t be seeing the Marlins play in a football stadium with a faded Dolphins logo and yard lines any longer.  Over at Fangraphs, Steve Slowinski really went in depth on the effects of the new park.

As far as management goes, the Marlins signed Ozzie Guillen as the new manager, a change that will drastically affect any club. Possibly the largest and boldest personality in the managerial world will be taking over a team that finished last in the NL East last year. I am interested to see how he handles Hanley Ramirez, who has reportedly had attitude problems in the past, as well as some of the other young guys on the team.

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Breaking Down the Starting Pitching Market

To find which pitcher may be the best match for your team, I have broken down this year’s 2012 starting pitcher market. I first separated them into left handed and right handed pitchers. I then broke them down into ground ball vs. fly ball pitchers. Lastly I organized them by age into two groups (29 and younger and 30 years and older.) The pool of players came from MLB trade rumors free agent list. Now here is the breakdown:

Right Handed

Fly Ball:

Aaron Harang**

Armando Galarraga

Chris Young

Freddy Garcia**

Javier Vazquez

Jon Garland

Rich Harden

Tim Wakefield

Ground Ball:

Aaron Cook

Bartolo Colon

Brad Penny

Brandon Webb

Hiroki Kuroda

Jason Marquis

Joel Pineiro

Kevin Millwood

Livan Hernandez

Mitch Talbot

Rodrigo Lopez

Roy Oswalt*

Sergio Mitre

Edwin Jackson**

Kyle Davies


Left Handed

Fly Ball:

Bruce Chen**

Ground Ball:

Chris Capuano

C.J. Wilson*

Dontrelle Willis

Doug Davis

Erik Bedard

Jeff Francis

Mark Buehrle**

Paul Maholm

Zach Duke

*Type A

**Type B

There are also a few international free agent starting pitchers to take note of as well