R.A. Dickey is the “Maximus” of Queens. Which Character Will Sandy Alderson Portray?

Senator Gracchus from the movie Gladiator: ”Rome is the mob.”

Proximo from the movie Gladiator speaking to Maximus: “Listen to me. Learn from me.  I was the best because the crowd loved me.  Win the crowd and you will win your freedom.”

Senator Gracchus from the movie Gladiator:  “I don’t pretend to be a man of the people. But I do try to be a man for the people.”

R.A. Dickey has won the crowd.  Rome is now Queens, New York.  The mob is Met fans.  The Coliseum is now Citi Field.  R.A. Dickey is the “Maximus” of Queens.  So which character will Sandy Alderson be?  Will he be the “Senator Gracchus” and be a man for the people and sign Dickey, or will he be the “Commodus” who took over Rome and made a martyr of “Maximus?” Continue reading


Picking the 2012 MLB Award Winners

With the focus in baseball being on the fantastic matchups being waged in the playoffs, the intense debate about the end-of-season awards has been tempered for the time being. It’s a temporary lull that will heat up again once the announcement of the award winners near, as many will try to get in their opinions in the form of parting shots, in the attempt to support the various candidates. There have been some truly incredible performances this season, and there are literally no categories without multiple candidates having legitimate chances to have their name drawn from the proverbial envelope. That being said, here are my picks for the 2012 baseball awards. Continue reading

NL Cy Young Award Belongs to Clayton Kershaw

The 2012 American League Cy Young Award was really only a race between two pitchers but the National League Cy Young Award will likely have up to five different names listed at the top of voter’s ballots.

The National League Cy Young Award race is one that went down to the wire and an argument can be made for multiple pitchers. But, for this voter, there is one pitcher who rose above the rest and his stats clearly dictate that he should be hoisting hardware his excellence in the 2012 season and that pitcher is Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw. Continue reading

AL Cy Young Award: Verlander vs. Price

The regular season is almost a full week from conclusion and two of the first round playoff matchups have two teams up 2-0 on their opponents. It seems, to me, like the season only started three months ago but baseball will be without games in another month but baseball season never ends thanks to an offseason that is more active than any other sport.

One of the big topics for the offseason is awards. Who will win? Who will get shafted? Which award will cause the most debate? When it comes to the American League Cy Young Award voting there are only two names that I believe should be at the top of voters ballots: Justin Verlander or David Price. The race for the award probably will not be as close as the two are in stats but there is still case to be made for either pitcher. Let’s take a look at their stats side-by-side with American League ranks in parenthesis: Continue reading

Kris Medlen for Cy Young? Not So Fast.

Without a runaway winner, baseball award outcomes often come down to the players who have hot streaks occur the latest in the season. One of the most recent players to ride such a surge of late-season success is Atlanta Braves right-handed pitcher Kris Medlen, who has started hearing his name mentioned in the National League Cy Young conversation. Medlen has had an excellent season (10-1, 1.57 ERA, 138 innings), but on closer inspection it is clear he should not be mentioned in the same breath as top contenders like Johnny Cueto, R.A. Dickey, Gio Gonzalez, and Craig Kimbrel. Continue reading

Picking the National League’s Top Starting Pitcher Cy Young Candidate

With the regular season winding down there are few playoff spots or post season awards that have been definitively decided. One of the most interesting sprints to the finish is that of the National League Cy Young Award. There are two relievers very much in the hunt for the award, but the top starting pitcher candidates are not as easy to sort out. News that Clayton Kershaw may miss the final few weeks means that the starting pitcher candidates are likely down to three; Gio Gonzalez (Washington Nationals), R.A. Dickey (New York Mets), and Johnny Cueto (Cincinnati Reds). Closely examining the body of work for each shows who is best NL starting pitcher Cy Young hopeful. Continue reading

2012 MLB Predictions

Opening day is quickly approaching and the next thing we know, the 2012 season will be underway. MLB Dirt has put together our 2012 predictions for the upcoming season. Jonathan, Andrew, William, Charlie, and I have made our predictions in a variety of categories. We present to you our predictions for each division, playoff predictions, and awards for each league. Enjoy and let us know what you think.
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