Lohse Makes Baseball Forget Pujols… Just for One Night

(AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

Kyle Lohse didn’t mean to steal the show. The St. Louis Cardinals right-hander was just entering another day at the office. He stepped into the opening day start after Chris Carpenter had been shelved with an injury. Lohse stepped into the exotic city know as Miami.

The crazy water spitting homerun, monster in centerfield at Marlins Park didn’t distract Lohse. The Brazilian dancers that escorted Jose Reyes out onto the field didn’t make Lohse do a double take. The fish tank that wrap around the backstop at Marlins Park is distracted PETA, but not Lohse. The new buzz that South Beach carries has enough distraction to hurt Lebron James, but not Kyle Lohse?

All Lohse did was throw 7.1 innings, surrendering two hits while allowing one run in a win over the Miami Marlins on the opening night of the baseball season. For 6 innings, Lohse flirted with a no-hitter, before Jose Reyes roped a screamer into right field (Thank Dan Shulman for jinxing that). Bob Feller remains the only pitcher to throw a no-hitter on opening day. But for those 7.1 innings, Kyle Lohse made St. Louis and baseball forget they lost Albert PujolsKyle Lohse was the distraction. Continue reading


My 2012 Predictions: NL Central

I am continuing my 2012 prediction series by revealing my NL Central standings and adding a few positive and negative predictions for each team. In case you missed it, I have already revealed my AL East Predictions, AL Central Predictions, AL West Predictions, and NL East Predictions and we, as a staff, revealed some of our overall MLB predictions. Enjoy. Continue reading

Are the Athletics Done Dealing?

It is obvious that the Athletics are in a rebuilding process. They have dealt Trevor Cahill, Gio Gonzalez, and Andrew Bailey this offseason for prospects in return. In an article I wrote the other week, I took a look at the Athletics potential future rotation with all the pieces in the organization. There are many top prospects and young pitchers that could make for one of the best rotations in the league. Well a handful of these guys are close to the big leagues and once ready, it could make for quite the logjam in the rotation. In the article I mentioned above I also took a shot at projecting the A’s opening day rotation which is as follows:

1. Brandon McCarthy
2. Guillermo Moscoso
3. Dallas Braden
4. Brad Peacock
5. Tom Milone

That rotation is solid looking but there are still a lot of guys that are very close to being major league ready; Jarrod Parker, Tyson Ross, and Sonny Gray. Brett Anderson should also be back in the rotation by the middle of the season. Well with those guys knocking at the door, some space may need to be cleared in the rotation. The perfect opportunity for that: The Trade Deadline.

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2011 Fantasy Rankings: Thirdbasemen

Thirdbase is a very top heavy group. Odds are that the top tier will be gone by the middle of the 2nd round and you may end up reaching a little early for a second tier thirdsacker just to fill the position. Your best option may to to reach for a top tier guy because the position falls off quickly. There will be one thirdbase savior by the name of Kevin Youkilis if you can hold the position down until mid-April with someone and are lucky enough to get Youkilis.

With that, here are my rankings for thirdbasemen:

 Rank  Player  Tier
 1  Evan Longoria  1
 2  David Wright  1
 3  Alex Rodriguez  1
 4  Ryan Zimmerman  1
 5  Jose Bautista  2
 6  Adrian Beltre  2
 7  Mark Reynolds  3
 8  Aramis Ramirez  3
 9  Ian Stewart  3
 10  Martin Prado  3
 11  Michael Young  3
 12  Pedro Alvarez  3
 13  Pablo Sandoval  3
 14  Casey McGehee  3
 15  Neil Walker  4
 16  Scott Rolen  4
 17  Placido Polanco  4
 18  Chipper Jones  4
 19  Michael Cuddyer  4
 20  Alex Gordon  5
 21  Ty Wigginton  5
 22  David Freese  5
 23  Juan Uribe  5
 24  Chase Headley  5
 25  Alberto Callaspo  5
 26  Chris Johnson  5
 27  Danny Valencia  5
 28  Edwin Encarnacion  6
 29  Jose Lopez  6
 30  Dan Johnson  6
 31  Miguel Tejada  6
 32  Casey Blake  6
 33  Jhonny Peralta  6
 34  Wilson Betemit  6
 35  Omar Infante  6


Three I’d Reach For Reason
Evan Longoria A top 5 overall talent that keeps getting better and plays a shallow position. Yes, please.
David Wright Top thirdbasemen are too hard to find.
Ian Stewart This is his year. Lock it up!


Three I’ll Let Pass Reason
Adrian Beltre Love the park, hate the calf injury. I’d take him in mid-rounds but likely gone by then.
Michael Young Could lose at-bats and poor numbers away combined with potential trade drop him on my list.
Miguel Tejada He’s barely a two-category guy anymore. Not a good 3B option at all.


Top 3 Rookie 3B Reason
Mike Moustakas Huge power, no real roadblock in the Majors. Needs to work on discipline, though.
Lonnie Chisenhall Tearing it up this spring and could be up no later than mid-May. Love his hitting ability.
Matt Dominguez Bat seems to be coming around and glove is ready now. Should be up by June if not sooner.

-Jonathan C. Mitchell can be found writing about the Tampa Bay Rays at his other site Figure Filbert and on twitter at @FigureFilbert