2012 All-Fantasy Bust Team


This is part two of a three part series that reviews the 2012 Fantasy Baseball season. In the first installment, I gave my “All-Fantasy” team. This round will be my “Bust” squad followed by the “Over-achievers” in the last installment. I’ll rundown each position and add Honorable Mentions or in the case of this column, (Dis)honorable Mentions! Continue reading


Baseball Notes From the Past Week: Part 2

Rafael Soriano opted out of a $14 million dollar deal with the Yankees in the hope that he can find a multi-year deal with another club.  Rafael Soriano and his agent, Scott Boras, are both nuts.  This off season, Soriano will be competing for a big pay-day with Jonathan Broxton, Francisco Rodriguez, Jose Valverde, Ryan Madson, Brad Lidge, and a slew of other relievers.  Can Soriano really get the 4 year $60 million dollar contract he seeks? Continue reading

How A-Rod Has Derailed His Yankee Career and Defined His Legacy

Alex Rodriguez’s alarming inability to make contact during the playoffs leads many to believe that the clock is about to strike midnight on his immensely talented but polarizing career. The Yankees are likely to find the 5 years and $114 million he is due after this season to be an unpalatable mouthful to swallow, making his trade or release a real possibility this off-season. His departure may now be further hastened by his attempt to obtain two female fans’ phone numbers during a Game 1 ALCS loss in which he contributed a hollow 0 for 3 with a strikeout. Some may see this as no big deal, but it is fair criticism and vintage A-Rod. Continue reading

Easy Street in San Diego

The San Diego Padres acquired reliever Huston Street from the Colorado Rockies in exchange for a player to be named later. In addition, the Rockies are paying $500K of the $7.5M owed to Street next season and will pay the $500K buyout of the $9M option on Street’s contract if San Diego declines it.

The Padres essentially get Street for $7M and only one year. Now, I am not a fan of paying relievers high money but on a one-year deal I think an exception can be made, especially in this instance.

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The New-Look Marlins

The Marlins have really been turning heads this offseason. There have been some big changes in the organization and things may be turning around in South Florida. This offseason, the Marlins have made some huge changes in its appearance, management, and offseason strategy.

First off, the Marlins will now be known as the Miami Marlins, not the Florida Marlins. They have also changed their logo to the one pictured above which also means new uniforms (which I am not the biggest fan off.) The Marlins will be opening the 2012 season in a brand new stadium. We won’t be seeing the Marlins play in a football stadium with a faded Dolphins logo and yard lines any longer.  Over at Fangraphs, Steve Slowinski really went in depth on the effects of the new park.

As far as management goes, the Marlins signed Ozzie Guillen as the new manager, a change that will drastically affect any club. Possibly the largest and boldest personality in the managerial world will be taking over a team that finished last in the NL East last year. I am interested to see how he handles Hanley Ramirez, who has reportedly had attitude problems in the past, as well as some of the other young guys on the team.

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MLB Top 50 Free Agent Predictions


MLB Trade Rumors recently released their top 50 free agents and where they think each player will sign. They had a competition where fans could submit their predictions to win prizes. Here are my predictions for the top 50 free agents.


1.  Albert Pujols St. Louis Cardinals
2.  Prince Fielder Chicago Cubs
3.  Jose Reyes Milwaukee Brewers
4.  C.J. Wilson New York Yankees
5.  Yu Darvish Texas Rangers
6.  Edwin Jackson Washington Nationals
7.  Jimmy Rollins Philadelphia Phillies
8.  Aramis Ramirez Los Angeles Angels
9.  Carlos Beltran Boston Red Sox
10.  Jonathan Papelbon Boston Red Sox
11.  Michael Cuddyer Seattle Mariners
12.  Mark Buehrle Florida Marlins
13.  David Ortiz Boston Red Sox
14.  Ryan Madson Philadelphia Phillies
15.  Hiroki Kuroda Los Angeles Dodgers
16.  Carlos Pena Pittsburgh Pirates
17.  Francisco Rodriguez Baltimore Orioles
18.  Roy Oswalt Baltimore Orioles
19.  Javier Vazquez Retirement
20.  Heath Bell Florida Marlins
21.  Coco Crisp Chicago White Sox
22.  Hisashi Iwakuma Minnesota Twins
23.  Kelly Johnson Toronto Blue Jays
24.  Josh Willingham Tampa Bay Rays
25.  Paul Maholm New York Mets
26.  Grady Sizemore St. Louis Cardinals
27.  Bartolo Colon Texas Rangers
28.  Erik Bedard Seattle Mariners
29.  David DeJesus Chicago Cubs
30.  Jason Kubel San Francisco Giants
31.  Ramon Hernandez Pittsburgh Pirates
32.  Jeff Francis Colorado Rockies
33.  Chris Capuano San Diego Padres
34.  Tsuyoshi Wada Toronto Blue Jays
35.  Clint Barmes Detroit Tigers
36.  Casey Kotchman Cleveland Indians
37.  Freddy Garcia New York Yankees
38.  Aaron Hill Los Angeles Dodgers
39.  Johnny Damon Cleveland Indians
40.  Aaron Harang Los Angeles Angels
41.  Jamey Carroll Houston Astros
42.  Rafael Furcal St. Louis Cardinals
43.  Juan Pierre Cincinnati Reds
44.  Frank Francisco Arizona Diamondbacks
45.  Jason Marquis New York Mets
46.  Joel Pineiro Los Angeles Dodgers
47.  Jonathan Broxton New York Mets
48.  Joe Nathan Cincinnati Reds
49.  Kerry Wood Retirement
50.  Bruce Chen Pittsburgh Pirates


Matt Belisle is Better Than You Realized

The free agent market this offseason is bolstered by the likes of Jonathan Papelbon, Francisco Rodriguez, Ryan Madson, Brad Lidge, and Joe Nathan. And, when or if the Padres decline to offer Heath Bell arbitration you can add him to the list of known top-shelf closers that are available this winter.

One name that will get less attention than it deserves due to the fact that he has one “save” over his past two seasons and two “saves” in his career is Colorado Rockies reliever Matt Belisle. Oh, and he may be the best reliever not named Papelbon in this year’s free agent market.

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