Baseball Notes for April 14, 2013


The 2013 baseball season has gotten off to a rollicking start. From Yu Darvish’s near-perfect game to the exciting emergence of young players like New York Mets’ pitcher Matt Harvey, there has been a lot of good stuff for fans to digest. For all the fun baseball provides, the game also sometimes has a darker side. This week seemed to have ongoing negativity popping up around baseball. Hopefully these moments represent the worst the season will experience and fans can get back to enjoying some great action. Continue reading


My Rookie of the Year Award Ballot

The Rookie of the Year Award, also referred to as the Jackie Robinson Award by the BBWAA and the Willie Mays Award by the BBA, does not have strict voting standards other than the fact that the player must be a rookie. The award, though, has caused many arguments thanks to the way some perceive the standard at which the award should be voted. Continue reading

Early Thoughts on the 2012 AL Rookie of the Year Race

While still early, the 2012 major league baseball season is now more than a third over, and many rookies have made intentions about being up to stay clear through their play. It’s never too early to start speculating about the Rookie of the Year race, and the American League has a number of impressive candidates. Not only are these rookies putting up excellent numbers, but they are also making crucial contributions to the pennant hopes of their respective teams. I have gone through who I believe are the current front runners and put them in ranked order. Although my order may change as the season goes on, indications are good that these players represent the next generation of stars for the AL. Continue reading

2012 Rookie Watch: AL West

A couple weeks ago I began a series of posts as I take look at rookies in 2012. I have been going division by division taking a look at rookies who I think will have an impact in 2012 for each team. I’ve been making my pick for the guy who I think will have the biggest impact and note other names that could have an impact as well. So far I have taken a look at the NL West, NL Central, and NL East. I now present to you my 2012 rookie watch for the American League West.

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Ten Most Fascinating Stories for 2012

The start of any baseball season is fascinating in and of itself. The teams all start off with identical records and despite a thousand predictions from hundreds of sites around the world, nobody really knows what will happen once the season starts. Teams will surprise us like the Arizona Diamondbacks did in 2011 and like the San Diego Padres did in 2010. Formerly contending teams will fall by the wayside such as the Minnesota Twins did last year. Players will surprise us and disappoint us. Dramatic stories lie ahead of us. Never in our wildest dreams could we predict how the last day of the regular season played out last year.

But just like every season, there are some fascinating questions that are ahead based on what happened this off season. These questions will be answered in the coming months. Each one has us drooling in anticipation. Here are the top ten most fascinating stories we are watching for the upcoming 2012 baseball season: Continue reading

My 2012 Predictions: AL West

I am continuing my 2012 prediction series by revealing my AL West standings and a few positive and negative predictions for each time. In case you missed it, I have already revealed my AL East Predictions  and AL Central Predictions and we, as a staff, revealed some of our overall MLB predictions. Enjoy. Continue reading

2012 – The Year of the Laboratory?

There are a surprising number of experiments going on in Major League Baseball for this coming season. Players are trying out new positions, relief pitchers are trying to be starting pitchers. Heck, even the Yankees are trying to be cost conscious. Strange things are happening in a training camp near you. With all that is happening, you will need a scorecard to track all the goings on. We at MLB Dirt are happy to help. What follows are the experiments happening all over baseball plus this writer’s take on whether the lab results will be positive or negative. Here we go. Got your pencil handy?

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